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Inter-campus Shuttles:

Shuttles run between all three of our campuses. 2-way 航天飞机s are $1,000 per child. (1-way 航天飞机 is $750).

To take advantage of the EC Shuttle Service between campuses, 请 fill out the 航天飞机 申请表. If you have questions 请 contact


Many districts in New Jersey offer transportation or help offset the cost of transportation to private school when students do not attend their local public school. The current reimbursement is $1,165 per eligible student and is known as aid in lieu of transportation. If a town participates in aid in lieu, the eligibility is determined by the distance between home and school. 学生 in grades K-8 must live more than 2.0 miles but less than 20 miles. High school students must live more than 2.5 miles but less than 20 miles. Please check with your school district for specific aid in lieu participation and eligibility information. Note: You don’t need to pay for EC 航天飞机 service to be eligible. If you drive your student to school, you may be eligible to receive this aid!

B6T Transportation Form

(If you are requesting 代替援助
complete this form

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up for the 航天飞机 service?

Please fill out the 航天飞机 申请表 on our 表单页面.

联系 if you have questions.

How do I know if I qualify for the $1,000 Aid-in-lieu from my town?

Please contact your local Board of Education to verify. Then file a B6T Form with EC’s Transportation Coordinator. 形式 can be found 在这里.

Is my Pre-K or Transitional 幼儿园 child eligible to ride the 航天飞机?

No. The state of New Jersey requires that all bus riders be enrolled in a kindergarten class (or above) and are 5 years old before October 1st.

I live in 纽约 State, do I have transportation options? 

纽约 State does cover the cost of busing some NY students to EC. Your district will be able to tell you if you qualify. The process to secure busing must be done through your local NY Board of Education. You can find general information 在这里 and helpful contact information 在这里.

Please note the April 1 deadline to apply for the following school year.

Additional questions may be submitted to

What towns are Eastern Christian 学生 from?


Airmont 2
艾伦代尔 13
新泽西伯根菲尔德 5
布洛姆菲尔德 8
卢明 7
波哥大 2
考德威尔 4
Carlstadt 1
杉木林积肥场 3
Chestnut Ridge 3
克利夫顿 10
美国新泽西州 2
东橙 3
East Rutherford 2
水滨 1
榆木公园 8
爱默生 1
恩格尔伍德 9
恩格尔伍德 Cliffs 1
公平的草坪 19
李堡 11
Franklin Lakes 47
加菲尔德 1
格伦岩石 10
Haledon 7
汉堡 2
Hasbrouck Heights 2
Haskell 3
霍桑 71
嚯嚯! 1
霍博肯 4
泽西市 7
卡尼 2
Kinnelon 12
Lake Hopatcong 1
顶级 3
林肯公园 5
小瀑布 5
洛迪 8
美国 2
Mahwah 20
米德兰公园 55
蒙特克莱尔 7
新城市 4
新米尔福德 8
New Providence 1
纽约 2
纽瓦克 1
North Arlington 2
北卑尔根 2
北Haledon 147
诺伍德 2
新泽西州 2
Nyack 2
橡树岭 1
奥克兰 22
老同一年 1
Oradell 3
Palisades Park 8
帕拉默斯 29
派克岭 6
[据 1
帕塞伊克河 2
帕特森 24
珠江 1
Pequannock 4
波莫纳 1
Pompton Lakes 9
Pompton Plains 17
Prospect Park 9
拉姆齐 7
伦道夫 1
伍德 17
灵伍德 21
河的边缘 3
里弗代尔 1
Rochelle Park 4
玫瑰园 1
马鞍溪 8
鞍河 3
Spring Valley 1
的点 1
西沙芬 1
苏塞克斯 1
同一年 2
蒂内克市 8
风险中 5
Township of Washington 1
燕尾服公园 2
城市联盟 1
Upper 鞍河 2
Valley Cottage 1
维罗纳 2
Waldwick 19
Wanaque 5
韦恩 36
西考德威尔 1
西米尔福德 5
西奥兰治 13
韦斯特伍德 4
Wood-Ridge 4
Woodcliff Lake 4
森林公园 2
Wyckoff 54